Professor Mark Sherman
Real men don't write columns

Shrink rap
Mark Sherman reads from 20-year retrospective
by Anne Pyburn of Ulster Publishing

Whenever I turn the page of my New Paltz Times and see Mark Sherman grinning up at me, I know I'm in for a good time. Whatever topic he's chosen to muse about this week, I'm certain to find myself giggling at some point - and maybe seeing it just a little differently when I'm through. Now the self-confessed "obsessive/compulsive neurotic," who's been writing for Ulster Publishing for two decades, has pulled together 36 of his personal favorite columns into a slim little volume of humor, organized around men, women, family and psychotherapy...
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      Couch humor
A psychologist shares life lessons
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"Real Men Don't Write Columns: A Psychologist's Humorous Look at Men, Women, Family and Psychotherapy" is a nod to author Mark Sherman's quest to find manly meaning through his diverse life as psychotherapist, college professor, writer and songster in a rural world of mountain men and contractors...
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Solving the Parent Problem 1
Are We There Yet? 4
Party Time 8
Marriage 12
Sherman's Shrink Speaks 16
Brotherly Love 20
Games Couples Play 24
Dysfunctional Families 28
"Because I Said So!" 34
Marital Counseling 39
Free Association 43
The Feminist Test 47
The Signals of a Love in Peril 51
Real Men Don't Write Columns 55
Not a Clue 58
Cool Guys 61
You and Your Aging Parent 65
Time for a Speak-Out 69
Child's Play 73
Desperately Seeking Serenity 77
Ready to Fly Solo 80
Wild Boys, Wimpy Men 84
My Son, The Rock Musician 87
We're Perfect. And You? 91
"I Do...Maybe" 94
Listen, Pal 97
The Empty Nest 101
To Love, Honor and Squabble 104
Meeting the Parents 108
"The Look" 111
Sports Talk 114
Perfect People 118
TheraDate 121
I Love You, But You're Impossible 125
Ah, Love 128
True Intimacy 131
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