Professor Mark Sherman
Please Professor, Funny songs and Psychological Psilliness

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Track List:
1. New Paltz Blues
2. Please, Professor (Give Me a B)
3. I'm in Love With a Sheep
4. Solitaire Rag
5. My Mother Always Wanted Me to
   Marry a Jewish Girl
6. Freudian Blues
7. Sinusitis, Tonsillitis
8. Lovin' School
9. Country Dreams
10. Whole New Word
11. The Viagra Song
12. Teen Death
13. Somethin's Always Gettin' in the Way
14. Sweetest Little Ass in the World
15. By Day I'm a Psych Professor
16. Sweet Swedish Angel

"Though Mark isn't taking his show on the road just yet, you can enjoy one of his all-time best live performances on a CD.... Taped at Unison in April 1998, the CD, "Please, Professor," contains a bunch of hilarious songs and humorous commentary. (Please note that while it is playful and fun, it does come with a parental advisory.)"
— New Paltz Times, March 31, 2005

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