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Real men don't write columns

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Real men don't write columns -- by Mark Sherman Thirty-six of his best columns, from the Huguenot Herald and the New Paltz Times

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From the more than 460 humorous columns he has published over the last 20 years, Mark Sherman - husband, father, psychologist, songwriter, teacher, and obsessive-compulsive neurotic - has selected 36 on the ever-timely topics of men, women, family, and psychotherapy.

In these hilarious (yet sometimes strangely helpful) pieces, you'll find "practical" suggestions for (1) dealing with "the parent problem" ("Why don't we start a Parent Exchange Program?"), (2) keeping marital fights under control ("Apologize, apologize, apologize. You're married. The chances are that some time in the last hour you did or said the wrong thing."), and (3) cutting the divorce rate ("We insist on holding on to our clearly obsolete wedding vows... Why not make it 'forsaking most others - or even 'the vast majority of others'? I think it's the 'all' that causes the problems.")

Sherman doesn't shy away from looking at his own childhood addiction to spinning around ("Okay, today I can admit it: I had a spinning problem.") and even answers the age-old question of how any woman could possibly find a drifter more exciting to be with than a college professor.

For those who have never been in therapy, Sherman will let you know what might go on (but probably wouldn't) in a typical marital counseling or psychoanalysis session. And he'll also let you know how tough it can be to end therapy ("'I'll miss you,' [the therapist] said. And I could see that the tears were starting to come.")

Readers write:

"I have just renewed my yearly subscription to The Herald again, and a big reason why is your superbly written column."
--Manny Strauss

"I read your article, "To Love, Honor and Squabble" this morning in The Bakery and I found myself laughing out loud. As a writer, you let us peek at our troubles, but you allow us the wonderful place where we aren't able to take ourselves too seriously. Keep writing."

--Colleen Geraghty
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